, with more than 30

years of experience in construction;

is the owner and founder of the


Worked for the General Directorate

of Highways for 4 years between

1972 and 1976, by which he was

awarded with full scholarship

during his undergraduate and

graduate studies. During these

years, he worked in the Bridges

Department. He attempted in

several major bridge construction

projects as site manager. He was

awarded with a certificate of

appreciation General Directorate of

Highways, by for Kemaliye (Sirzi)

Bridge construction; which is

consulted by Acrow Company


Then he worked as site manager for

a private construction company for

1 year.

Afterwards, he founded his own

company in 1976; and started to

participate in Public Sector’s bid


He had been in joint venture with

another contractor, Ahmet Kose, in

several construction works for

Turkish Airforce Construction

Department in Kayseri, Antalya

and Izmir in 1977.

In the following years, he had

participated in

· Bridge Construction,

· Drinking Water Facilities,

· Stone Pitching Land Protection

· Fiber-Optic Cable Network

Substructureworking for General

Directorate of Highways, General

Directorate of Hydrolic Works,

Province Bank General Directorate,

as contractor and sub-contractor.

Meanwhile, he had worked as

contractor for CBI (Cayeli

Copper/Zinc Mine) in Seawater

Intake Control System

Construction, under consultancy of

PSI (USA). Moreover, he had been

the sub-contractor of KWH and

OK MARIN joint venture, in Marine

Outfall System Construction for

CBI, in 2001.

Presently, two major bridge

construction sites in Black Sea coast

are in stand-by position due to lack

of appropriations.

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